Q&A about Virgin Remy Hair






What is Virgin Remy hair?

At The Bundle Bar we use the “virgin” and “Remy” labels to distinguish our authentic Remy hair extensions from what you can purchase at your local beauty supply store or fake online virgin hair companies. The word Virgin meaning the hair hasn’t been chemically processed. The word Remy meaning the cuticles have been kept intact and not stripped.


How to spot fake Virgin Hair?

  1. It has a silicone coating on it to make the hair silky and extremely smooth (can leave residue on fingers)

  2. The hair has red string(s) or unidentified strings inside the bundle

  3. The hair melts when heat is applied to it. (These are synthetic fibers used as hair fillers)

  4. The hair is a lighter brown because they have been acid washed, a process that removes some pigment. If synthetic or animal hairs are mixed in the hair will be multi-colored.

  5. The hair costs less than $50 per bundle (especially on lengths longer than 14” inches)


What is Silicone Mix?

Silicone mix is a clear coating used by manufactures to trick the hair into behaving and to mask the damage done to the hair during their processing. Beauty supply stores and fake virgin hair companies use this to make the hair silky and smooth to reduce tangling at first. This coating usually comes off with your first wash and the hair will become a tangled knotted mess.

If I can dye/bleach fake Virgin Hair then why should I buy authentic virgin hair?

When fake virgin hair is acid-washed, the hair is damaged. The acid reduces the thickness of the hair and it becomes more prone to shedding. Since authentic virgin hair has not been damaged or over processed when it is dyed or bleached the hair goes back to its healthy natural state and wave pattern with minimum to no shedding (as long as the wefts aren't cut!).

Choosing the best authentic Virgin Hair Company?

If your objective is to purchase 2 bundles and get one free or purchase 3 bundles for less than $150 than I guarantee you are shopping at a site that is purely ordering Non-Remy human hair that has been acid-washed and coated with silicone from Chinese manufactures.  If you are looking to have hair that you can cut, color and wear time after time with no shedding or tangling then authentic virgin hair is for you.

Seven ways to determine if the hair you purchased is virgin!

  1. There must be some split ends! (At The Bundle Bar we groom the hair & will lightly trim extremely bad split ends)

  2. The hair must be cuticle aligned! You can feel the cuticles by holding a strand of hair between your thumb and index finger and slide your fingers down the entire length of the hair. The hair should feel smooth. Then reverse and slide your hands back up the strand of the hair, the hair should have ridges (these are the cuticles) If the hair is smooth both ways you’ve just purchased fake virgin hair.

  3. The ends of the hair will be lighter than the roots because many women work outside in India.

  4. The “beards” “mustache” will be short! The beards/mustache of the hair must be short to avoid tangling. If the beards are too long the cuticles will catch on the long flowing hair and cause tangles.

  5. The hair has Silicone on it!

  6. The hair does not smell like corn chips! Authentic virgin hair will not contain any chemical residue, and it hasn’t been overly processed.

  7. After professionally dying/bleaching your authentic virgin hair the natural curl pattern will return. 

Hair Care 

You can use any Sulfate Free Shampoo/Conditioner (Please shampoo and condition your hair at least twice a month)

When using oils please use very small amounts.

Closures: We recommend consulting with a professional that has experience with installing closures. Be aware of the amount of pressure being applied when combing/brushing the base of the closure, extreme brushing and combing can lead to closure balding. Please avoid over processing the knots (please consult a professional colorist).